Dive Sites





Dive Sites in the area vary as much as the people who come to dive them.  So this will give you a good starting point for your dives.  If you need more information just call the shop 613-923-1992 we all know about these places and some more.

SHORE DIVES - Brockville

Centeen ParkTraining and skill building is mostly done in the virtually currentless confines of Centeen Park in Brockville.  There are stairs and a shallow area to make access very easy.  For the more adventuresome you can jump off the edge of the park into 40 feet of river to start your dive.

On this map you will also see Blockhouse Island where you can enter and exit the river on a ramp that is there for divers.  If you plan to start or end your dive there, leave your gear on the grass so that the old folks can use the walkway.

Another cool dive from Centeen Park is the reverse drift to Blockhouse Island.  The river current goes around Blockhouse which creates an eddy (a big one) on the east side of the Island that will take divers for an easy drift from Centeen Park to Blockhouse.  On the way you'll see various fish, old coal dock pilings and I think the cowling from a hydrofoil is still there!

SHORE DIVE - Prescott

Rothsay half sunkOK, so you've done Brockville so much you need a change...
Just outside (west) of Prescott on Hwy 2 you can find the wreck of the Rothsay.  An easy shore dive where you can push a 30' depth if you're lucky.

There are a couple of change booths on a grassy strip of land and wooden stairs that lead down to the water. Once in the water there is a line that leads to the wreck some 20' away from shore.



SHORE DIVE - Cardinal
Conestoga boilerThe Conestoga is located in Cardinal down by the beach is also a shore dive but with a little attitude.
The current here moves you swiftly past the wreck and down to the sandy beach where you can see some eels on a good day.

The best thing to do is take your gear and buddy to the end of the gravel road past where you can see the boiler sticking out of the water where the old canal empties into the river. 

It's a quick drift dive, so as soon as you see the Connie try to come around by the stern to get out of the current.  If you are more daring, try descending into the open wreck but keep your head up, there are bolts that stick out at you and can catch loose gear!