Dive Tech Training Centre has your scuba tank!

Buying or Renting? A full selection of scuba tanks is here for your dive requirements.
We carry an extensive selection of the scuba tanks from top manufacturers in North America.

Some important information about 6351 Aluminum tanks you need to know before you come to Dive Tech Training Centre. Check the news page for more info.

  • Tank Fills  - Hyper-Filtered Air, Medical Grade O2, Nitrox and Trimix - Your Perfect Mix while you wait.
  • Sales & Service  - Luxfer, PST (when available), Catalina, Worthington. Valve repacking is always available
  • Tank Rentals  - Aluminum 80's, Steel 104's or smaller argon tanks, it's yours for the day, weekend or longer!
  • Pleae call for pricing on buying or renting Scuba Tanks