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Dive Tech Training Centre can help you get into some new gear!


Call or Email for price and availability of pre-owned gear.

Please let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to assist you

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If there is something you're looking for let us know, gear moves on a daily basis here.
We Stock: Amphibious Outfitters, Apeks, Akona, Armor, Aqualung, Aquaseal, Analox, Apollo, Boblbee, Bare, Catalina, Chammyz, Contour, Cressi-Sub, Deep Sea Supply, Delta P Technology, DUI, Drift, Garrett, Faber Cylinders, H2Odyssey, GMS Concepts, Fix N Zip, Halcyon, Henderson, Hydraulic International, Hollis, i-Divesite, ITorch, Ikelite, Innovative Scuba Products, Intova, Light Monkey, Luxfer, Manta, Mares, Ocean Reef, Nautilus Lifeline, OMS, Otter Box, Oxycheq, Pelican, Poseidon, Princeton Tec, Skaana, SI Tech, Scubapro, Sofnolime, Sea Pearls, Sea Vision, Silent Submersion, Sherwood Scuba, Shearwater Research, Sea & Sea, SubGear, Suunto, Snorkelpro, Spyderco, Thermo Soles, Trident, TDI SDI, Underwater Kinetics, Waterproof, Weezle, Green Force, Fourth Element, XS Scuba and more...